Day 8 - 19 April

With all the batteries charged thanks to the trusty Benton BX2, and the meat in the fridge deeply frozen thanks to the mains power of the Swakopmund Municipal Camp, we filled up with diesel and left for unknown territories. Swakopmund is expanding at an alarming rate with new development happening way past Mile 8. On our way to Henties Bay we stopped at a shipwrecked fishing vessel and took some pictures. Once we arrived in Henties Bay we stopped for a very good filling breakfast and coffee and a bit of a browse around the curio shops where all sorts of klippertjies and goetertjies are being sold.



On the way to Spitzkoppe

Was the tree or the trunk planted here?

Spitzkoppe on the horizon

We took the road towards Usakos via the desert, as our destination for the night was the Erongo Mountains. On our way, we visited the spectacular Spitzkoppe, where we spent a lot of time driving, walking and taking in the awesome scenery of the granite boulders. We also came across a tour group where a very Afrikaans tour guide was telling a very German tour group about the history of some rock art in very bad English. We listened and tried to figure out exactly what he was saying and needless to say, we had a few very good giggles in the following days with some of the broken phrases we picked up. Anyway, it looked like the tourists were having a good time, and they probably understood a lot more than we did.

Very strange painting... perhaps it is an alien?

There are some camp sites between the boulders, with very basic amenities like long drop toilets and braai spots. Being alone in those "Koppe" at night must be fantastic. This is a must see if you are in the area. Once again we were left wanting at the end of our drive through Spitzkoppe though, as there is no information available on the history, peoples who inhabited the area, plant and animal life, etc etc. We asked the people at the gate, but they didnt have anything. We had similar experiences on previous tours to Namibia. It is a pity though, because we would like to know a bit more about an area we visit, and it is not always possible to do online research about everything beforehand. In the town of Usakos we filled up with fuel again and headed out to Ameib Ranch about 20km out of town, direction Uis. Ameib Ranch is a game ranch in the Erongo Mountains, and offers well kept camping sites as well as up market lodging. Being cheap-skate from Brackenfell we opted for a camp site.


Working at the "Boskantoor"

Ameib Ranch Camp site