Day 5 - 16 April

No we didnt go into a time warp, we spend 2 delightful days on the farm, relaxing with family and getting used to the Namibian diet. As part of our trip we wanted to stock up in Swakopmund, and we decided to take the scenic route via Spreetshoogte Pass, Solitaire and Walvis Bay. As this would have been a very long drive we decided to make an overnight stop at the top of Spreetshoogte at Namib Grens camp site. Our route for the day took us over Gochas, Stampriet to Mariental where we did a little bit of supplies-shopping at the Spar. Lamb is R48/kg there. I also stopped in at the hardware store for a kettle plug, as I forgot the mains-plug for the Engel at home! We left the B1 just after Kalkrand, en route to Nauchas.

Namib Grens turned out to be a wise decision. We experienced our last thunder shower of the trip that afternoon. Luckily we didnt have to use our own camping equipment, as Namib Grens is a "tented" camp, with pre-pitched army tents. This meant we just had to make a bed for the night. The campsite is really neat en tidy and had hot (donkey) and cold water showers. Each camp site has its own ablutions setup, neatly built in between the existing boulders, taste-fully blending in with nature.