Day 2 - 13 April 2012

Crossing the border of Friday the 13th!! Whoo-hooo scary thought. The crossing went without a hitch. We were the only car and it took us approx 3 minutes to get our passports stamped, the SAPS official gave the Broodblik a cursory glance and opened the gate. No hassles on the RSA side then. Once we crossed the bridge on the Namibian side it took a few minutes longer, but only because we had to pay the Road Tax at a second counter. Off we went into the Namibian countryside. Our destination was Koës, and we drove via Karasburg and some D roads to get into Koës via the Koës Pan. We spent the weekend with family on a farm outside Koës, just to acclimatise and to experience some awesome Kalahari thunderstorms.


Road to Onseepkans - For Steve

Crossing the Gariep



Along some D-roads you see amazing things


Turn here;

Coffee anyone?

Farm road

Kalahari Sunset


Another sunset