Some other points

We asked Gideon van Zyl to bring us 2 tubes of Heavy Duty BushMan's Insect Repellent from Australia. This stuff works! Our neighbours were bitten raw by all the mossies that couldnt get close to us. It was expensive at R80 a tube, but 1 tube lasted us for the duration of the tour, and we have some left over. Also after the first night I was pretty glad we invested R80/tube because it works so well. Cape Union Mart used to sell it but they dont any more. If anybody knows where we can get hold of it in RSA please drop me an email.



Once again, as before I made a point of greeting every single overlander that I encountered on the road. Mostly my greetings were returned enthusiastically, but sadly I have to report that most of those drivers who didnt bother were driving Hiluxes! Hey guys, I am driving a Hilux too!! Or should I just use the Ford next time! I understand that most of the Hiluxes running around in Namibia are rentals driven by suicidal European LHD tourists, but even they were greeting back with vigour just before driving off the wrong side of the road... Make a difference, lift a finger, and smile!!


A word of gratitute to the following people are in order

Thinus Blaauw from CrissCross Namibia Safaris for assisting us with route planning. He shared a lot of his intimate knowledge of the terrains and Namibia in general and with his help we went to places we would normally not have gone alone. ( Dirk Theron (Hodge Travel) and Anton Ferreira (The4x4Co) for their input and tips as well as some nice campsite recommendations, as well as moral support and constant motivation to do this tour in the first place. All those overlanders who waved back, and to those who stopped to ask if we were okay when we were stranded in the desert! And last but not least, the friendly people of Namibia!!!! Everybody, from the customs officials to the little Himba kids waving on the side of the road!! You guys are great, and you made this a very special adventure!


This is Thys and Elismari signing off until next time!!