Day 19 - 1 May

Mayday Mayday! We woke up to grey misty skies and after a breakfast at the Noordoewer Gastehuis we tackled the border post. Right into a traffic jam. We forgot it was the end of a 5 day long weekend! besides the hour we lost due to the time-zones, we also lost 45 minutes crossing the border. Luckily this early in the morning nobody was in the mood for unpacking stuff, so the Broodblik returned to RSA the way it went into Namibia, unopened. From Vioolsdrif we started getting convoys of overlanders who came out of the Richtersveld, and before long we found ourselves at the back end of a convoy of 4 vehicles, and I was very happy hanging in the back there. We managed to get to Klawer without refuelling, but it was a mess to get into the Engen garage, so we pushed through to Clanwilliam. Weather picking up

We are almost home

Closing the circle

Clanwilliam dam

The roadworks on Piekenierskloof didnt take a lot of our time, and once we reached Piketberg, we were home. It was cold, miserable and threatening to rain! To think 3 days ago we were enjoying 42degree days! And so it came to an end. Piketberg....

Thanks for driving with us, we hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did!!