Day 15 - 27 April

After a day of lounging around Epupa Falls, relaxing and taking in the sights, we were packing up again and heading east. If we could we would have stayed another 3 days here, but time constraints forced us to move on. Destination Ruacana. After thanking our hosts, and exchanging email adresses, we were on our way. Once again I had a recommendation for a campsite from Mark, Kunene Island Campsite. We head back Opuwo and take the turnoff to Swartbooisdrift to get back to the Kunene. We heeded Gielie's warning not to try and drive on the track along the Kunene due to the obstacles in the way, so it was boring (if you can ever call it that) dirt roads.

At Swartbooisdrift we visit the Dorslandtrek Memorial, and head off along the river towards Ruacana. The road is not too bad an before we know it we arrive at the turn off to Kunene Island. Unfortunately we find the camp site deserted except for 2 guys filling the swimming pool with water from the river. It seems that Wynand (the owner) was not there, and the camp has been flooded recently. This is about as much information as we could get from the 2 guys, as we didnt understand each other's brand of english and my command of the local language is non existent. I think I know 1 word.

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How to eat a blue egg

Ruacana falls

Okay, no problem, the day is still very young so we push on. As we were about to descend towards the Ruacana Falls an SFA with CA registration is struggling up the steep hill. We stop at the top to give the driver all the road he needs to make it up. He stops and we strike up a conversation, firstly about Hiluxes (of course!) and then about our respective destinations. They were on their way to Epupa Falls, the Marienfluss and then down south. We exchanged some tips on road conditions and off they went. They recommended we sleep over at Eha Lodge in town. Luxury, with lawns, ice and cold drinks, they said. Sounds like fun! We went hunting for the Ruacana Falls, but unfortunately NAMPower closed the sluices of the dam and was generating electricity, so we were faced with a black rock face. Pretty disappointing, but we couldnt find the guys who operate the sluices to open them up for us. Bummer, we'll have to come back again some other time. Eha Lodge lived up to it's reputation and we chilled out under the trees on the lawn for the rest of the day. We had the whole place to ourselves again, as we were the only people in the campsite that night. Eha Lodge campsite