Day 12 - 23 April

With the hornbills back, we had an early start, breaking up camp and packing up hoping that all the activity will keep them away from the vehicle. As we started a big troop of baboons came charging past in the riverbed, with the papa-baboon shouting and hooting at the younger ones that fall behind. Once all was packed up and we had our customary koffie en beskuit we took off for Fort Sesfontein and beyond.

At Sesfontein we filled up with diesel, and had a cup of coffee at the Fort. Looks idyllic in there! Service was great, even though the coffee left much to be desired.

We headed out of Sesfontein, direction Puros. That was our overnight stop. With our eyes wide open for elephants we drove on the slightly corrugated road, and once we got to the Giribes Plains we stopped to check out the fairy circles. The road was really badly corrugated and in some places you have a 3 or more tracks to choose from running parralel to the road.

Still we checked the riverbeds and surroundings for a glimpse of an Ellie, but to no avail. And then we arrived in Puros, drove around a bit trying to figure out the confusing sign posts to the camp site, and eventually found it quite by accident, after almost getting stuck in the fine dust in the riverbed, that was not supposed to be drivable! But we got through albeit in a HUGE cloud of stifling dust. .

After setting up camp we took a walk about the campsite, and then settled in for some bird watching and a few icy cold refreshing beverages. Big signs everywhere informed us that elephants roam freely throughout the campsite, and to not be silly and attempt to get all cosy with them, and to keep fruit and food packed well away. We were hoping for an elephant encounter that night, but still no luck. Needless to say I slept with one eye open.